My  gurrrrlll Alicia


Project: Print and web copy 

Client: Reebok (under contract with Rich Malley Interactive)


Reebok needed several thousand product descriptions on a tight deadline for its Fall/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014 footwear and apparel lines. Drawing on my former life as a serious runner, I wrote about zipper garages, strategic mesh panels, and face-flattering necklines until the cows came home!  This project was done in collaboration with rock star/funnyman/copwriter guru Rich Malley.

Incidentally... did you hear his latest CD, “My Mouse Finger is Insured for $1M”?

Good. Just checking. 


My work:

·      Retailer-facing print catalogue product descriptions

·      Consumer-facing product descriptions for the web

·      Web copy for Basquiat and Alicia Keys Collections



·      Wake.

·      Break fast.

·      Craft product descriptions with love and care.

·      Crack knuckles.

·      More product descriptions.

·      Eat.

·      More!

·      Boogie.

·      More.

·      Make new playlist.

·      Just a couple more.

·      Sleep.

·      [Repeat.]