Project: Editing

Client: PotaVida


The people at PotaVida, a Seattle not-only-for-profit startup, are working to develop low-cost water disinfection equipment for use in post-disaster areas and in places with no reliable access to clean water. They needed engaging, scientifically-accurate writing for their website, blog, and funding proposals.

My work:

·      Copyediting

·      Editorial advice


The process is flexible. Usually I’ll look over the first draft and talk through my impression and suggestions for changes before making any edits. Based on that conversation and the feedback I get I’ll do a big first revision round, which usually includes organizational changes and edits plus notes and comments. Then the client responds to what I’ve done and bounces it back to me again for another look.

We’ve found that my insight helped PotaVida develop clear and compelling narratives that are more accessible to non-experts and scan better.  

*If you want to learn more about the organization, click the image to the left to go to the PotaVida website!