Here are some things I've written, in order of most to least recent:


Learn what frontline leaders of Austin's environmental movement are doing--and how you can join them. With co-authors Robyn Ross and Sarah Thurmond

Protect and Preserve (Austin Monthly '16)


Bigotry in sports has got to go 

The Gender Policing of Women Athletes is a Violation of Human Rights (The Establishment '16)


One sport tackling doping--and winning

The (Mountain) Running Men in the Grassroots Fight Against Doping (VICE Sports, '16) 


How Internet video stars are cashing out IRL

For online video stars, audience loyalty means everything (SXSWorld, '16)


Fox sportscaster Katie Nolan, on her wakeup call to the NFL 

On domestic violence and other issues, the NFL needs to hear female voices (SXSWorld, '16)


Activism in sports in 2015, plus what to watch for in 2016 (TL;DR: women's soccer, U.S. college football)

Social justice and sports (SI's Fansided, '16)


America incarcerates millions, protects few in prison from rape—especially in Texas. With co-author Abe Louise Young 

Raped by the Deputy: A Texas Case, a U.S. Problem (The Establishment, '16)


Different brain wiring within a species may have been an evolutionary asset

From Cheating Voles, a Lesson on Evolution of Behavior (UT's The Alcalde, '16)


The lowdown on Austin's rideshare showdown 

Safety for Some (Austin Chronicle, '16)


A series on Austin's city land use code rewrite process (The Austin Chronicle, '15)

Part 1: CodeNEXT Prepares to Rewrite Austin 

Part 2: CodeNEXT's Soundcheck Gets Underway

Part 3: Talk, For Sure. But Action? 


A sports-linked health problem being ignored

The Silent Sports Health Crisis, Female Athlete Triad (VICE Sports, '15)


Did Tough Mudder add a "tear gas-like" obstacle to profit off tie-ins to Ferguson?

Tear Gas, Giant Vaginas and Tough Mudder (VICE Sports, '15)


Q&A with Celia Israel, the first out lesbian to serve in the Texas Legislature

A New Voice in the Lege (L Style G Style, '15)


Texas Army National Guard servicewoman and veteran Colonel Cynthia Millonzi was accused of "substandard conduct," "deficient character," and defrauding the government of a year's worth of wages—shortly after she came out. Col. Millonzi discusses why she risked everything to come out at the end of an accomplished career.

Update: In spite of three decades of service and what she and her lawyers assert is a marked lack of specific evidence against her, Millonzi was forced to retire early. Her appeal is now before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Loyalty Unrewarded? (LGBTQ Nation, '14)


A review of Ryan Van Meter's collection of essays, If You Knew Then What I Knew Now, dealing with coming of age, coming out, gender and sexuality 

What Kind of Man, His Kind of Boy (The Philadelphia Review of Books, '13)


"Mommy bloggers" have power—and are effecting real grassroots change in healthcare   

Moms Who Blog, Underrated Changemakers in Health (Feministing, '13)